Our unique market position has enabled us to build a loyal client base of more than 4,500 companies.

Our unparalleled relationship network stretches throughout the entire global entertainment sector. We regularly work with clients representing every link in the revenue chain, including:

  • studios
  • mini-majors producers
  • production companies 
  • entertainment lenders 
  • film financing institutions
  • state funding organisations
  • equity investors
  • completion bonders
  • unions (actors, writers and directors guilds)
  • actors
  • writers
  • directors
  • talent management agencies
  • sales agents
  • local distributors
  • broadcasters
  • entertainment lawyers
  • consultants


Our excellent track-record and unwavering commitment to delivering equal care and attention to each and every one of our clients, has led us to become an internationally recognised leader in our field.

We have established trusted relationships with a wide range of leading media rights holders from across the world, including Pathé, Film4, Mister Smith Entertainment, Eurimages, Lionsgate, FilmNation, IM Global, Sierra/Affinity, Voltage and BBC Films.

In addition, we have also forged long-lasting relationships with several regional, national and international governmental film financing and support organisations.