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Freeway Entertainment at MIP TV 2015

17 May 2015 - Freeway Entertainment

Freeway Partner Cecile Huberts, Freeway Spain Managing Director Zoltan Arvay and Senior Account Manager (Sales & Acquisitions) Katalin Cser attended a thriving MIP TV this week.

Freeway's Zoltan Arvay and Katalin Cser at MIP TV 2015

The annual leading TV and digital content market ran from 13-16 April 2015, presenting more than 1,500 programmes and projects to more than 400 buyers

Freeway Partner Cecile Huberts said: “As this year’s market reached a milestone with its 50th anniversary, the business being done in Cannes illustrates how TV continues to break new ground, whether it is the cinematic transformation of TV drama, the coming together of the traditional TV and online world creating new partnerships, or how formats are being sourced from farther afield.”

Mena Suvari with Freeway partner Cecile Huberts