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Freeway Entertainment at NATPE 2016 Miami

25 Jan 2016 - Freeway Entertainment

Freeway Spain Managing Director Zoltan Arvay attended NATPE 2016 Miami, which attracted an abundance of programme makers and buyers from the Latin American countries, a market in which Freeway is delighted to have a strong presence.

Evolving models, monetising programming in a fragmented landscape and whether the sheer volume of programming is simply too much for the market to absorb were hot topics in the market panel discussions.  However, there seems little doubt that it is the quality of programming being produced that is driving industry confidence and that’s good news for producers, networks and new distribution outlets, and ultimately audiences.

Zoltan Arvay says, “NATPE may have grown into being one of the largest international television and content markets in the world but it retains an atmosphere of being intimate in a business sense which is perfect for meetings and making new connections.”