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Freeway Entertainment Group discuss film finance at Italy’s Euro Mediterranean Co-Production Forum

11 Oct 2014 - Freeway Entertainment

Freeway Entertainment Group Partner Martijn Meerstadt shared ideas and expertise with leading film and TV industry executives participating in the Euro Mediterranean Co-Production Forum which took place today in Taranto, Italy.


Entitled ‘Completion Bond and Collection Accounts’, the discussion event focused on the latest thinking around financial tools for co-production including completion bonds, collecting accounts, insurance and special purpose vehicle companies.

Moderated by Bernie Stampfer (Focal), Martijn was joined by Amanda Pyne, Freeway’s UK representative for Collection Account Management, as well as Per Neumann (European Film Bonds), Ali Moshref, (Film Finances) and Michael Steiger (C-Films).

The 5th edition of the Euro Mediterranean Co-production Forum, organised by the Apulia Film Commission, in cooperation with the Apulia Regional Administration, runs from 9-11 October 2014 in Taranto, Italy.

The Forum, supported by Eurimages and the Municipality of Taranto and with the cooperation of ACE, Sofia Meetings and FOCAL, is designed to support film projects in development (feature films, documentaries, TV series) which have a plot link with Europe or the Mediterranean region and have at least 30% of secured financing.

The forum promotes collaboration between production companies, financers, market experts and distributors, allowing participants to present their projects at development stage to potential co-financers. 

For more information on the Euro Mediterranean Coproduction Forum, visit the Apulia Film Commission website.