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Freeway Entertainment Group is founded

01 Oct 2001 - Freeway Entertainment

A brand new international financial services company, Freeway Entertainment Group, has been launched to maximise and manage assets for clients working across the global entertainment industry.

Freeway Entertainment Group specialises in providing dedicated collection account management, licensing and distribution services to a range of asset holders, including producers, sales agents, distributors, completion guarantors and financiers. The company works with right holders across film, television and video game sectors.

Freeway Entertainment Group’s three founding partners, Cecile Huberts, Gadi Wilstrom and Martijn Meerstadt, share a wealth of specialist global industry experience, having previously worked within MeesPierson Communications, the talent management and entertainment division of merchant and private bank MeesPierson (now ABN AMRO), which later became Fintage House. 

Co-Founding Partner Cecile Huberts said: “We are delighted to launch Freeway Entertainment Group. Our strong team of specialists share excellent industry knowledge, and are adept at working with clients in territories all over the world, to help them seize the potential of their assets and maximise profitability. We are committed to delivering secure, reliable and transparent assistance that our clients can rely on.”