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‘Getting to the Heart of the Deal’ Seminar

23 Apr 2015 - 23 Apr 2015


Freeway Entertainment Group Partner Martijn Meerstadt will join leading industry experts on 23 April 2015 at a sales and distribution seminar in Dublin, designed to give film producers a comprehensive understanding of film deals.

Entitled ‘Getting to the Heart of the Deal’, the seminar will explore all aspects of film deals, including Sales Agreements, Distribution Agreements and Collection Account Management.

Martijn, who heads up Freeway’s Collection Account Management and Business Development activities, will speak about the role of the collection agency in the film recoupment process.

Chaired by David Collins (Producer/Managing Director, Samson Films), the session will also feature expert insight from Amanda Pyne (Freeway’s UK representative for Collection Account Management), Jonathan Kelly (Partner, Philip Lee Solicitors) and Simon Osbourne (Head of Legal and Business Affairs, Protagonist Pictures) will complete the panel.

For more information visit the Screen Training Ireland website.


Colleagues attending