We believe it's important to ensure long term value for our clients, so our Business Development team is dedicated to identifying new market opportunities and building fresh partnerships that will benefit our customers.


Martijn Meerstadt

Partner / Co-CEO

Martijn Meerstadt


Martijn Meerstadt joined Gadi Wildstrom and Cecile Huberts as a partner and shareholder in Freeway Entertainment in 2001, later becoming Co-CEO in 2012. Martijn leads on Freeway’s strategy and management, new business development, collection account management and RevCheck activities.

A graduate of the international business school, European University, Martijn’s business career began with merchant and private bank MeesPierson (now ABN AMRO) working in the talent management and entertainment division MeesPierson Communications, which subsequently became Fintage House.

A frequent traveller, Martijn attends leading industry events across a wide spectrum of sectors that Freeway is active in, including film, TV, games development, technology and online services. “Markets and festivals provide a great opportunity to meet with our clients from around the world. The business environment of each event becomes the epicentre of the industry for that period of time, which is enormously energising,” he says.

A fan of directors such as Christopher Nolan, Ridley Scott and David Fincher, Martijn considers himself an omnivore when it comes to film genres. His all-time favourite movie is Lawrence of Arabia and on the small screen, he’s most recently been hooked on House of Cards, Fargo and Downton Abbey. Martijn is fluent in Dutch, English, German, reads and understands a little French and Hungarian. He is also a keen equestrian.

Freeway Entertainment Group specialises in collection account management, licensing and distribution for a range of rights holders, including producers, sales agents, distributors, completion guarantors and financiers across the global entertainment sector. With offices in the UK, Spain, Hungary and The Netherlands, and representative offices in France, Germany and the USA, Freeway has been involved international transaction management for thousands of films across North American, European, Australasian and Latin American territories.

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