Dear clients,


In view of the uncertain evolution of both the COVID-19 disease as well as the public response to it, I want to inform you that we have convened a working group to monitor the situation and coordinate actions across our business lines and departments to ensure that however the situation develops, we are ready to maintain client service while keeping our people safe.


Fortunately, so far, our client operations continue without interruption.


We continue with preventative measures in the workplace, regular disinfection of our working environment, and issuing of guidelines on protection against the Coronavirus.


If the situation should worsen, our business continuity plans include options to serve clients with a dedicated team from remote workstations.


In case you have any concerns about business continuity, whether from Freeway Entertainment Group or elsewhere where we may be able to help you, please do not hesitate to ask us either through your regular contact person or via this address:

Kind regards,


Martijn Meerstadt

Co-CEO, Freeway Entertainment Group