Ensuring secure, impartial and transparent collection and disbursement of your production’s revenues

As a rights holder, you may need to share revenues from a production with financiers, production partners and/or talent. Or you may be entitled to a pre-agreed share from a production's revenues.

Whatever your needs, our collection account managers can securely, impartially and transparently collect, administer and disburse revenues for you.

We ensure that the revenue streams that need to be shared between a production’s multiple stakeholders are placed in a secure, bankruptcy-remote collection account. 

We then transparently report the exact status of a production’s generated income and pay-out all revenue shares, in a timely and accurate manner that you can rely on.

All revenues that are received in our collection account are allocated to stakeholders in accordance with your pre-agreed revenue sharing ‘waterfall’ and paid out at agreed intervals or upon request.

Our completely transparent service also allows you to access up-to-date information about the financial status of your production anytime, anywhere, through Freeway Reporting.

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Daniel Simonyi

Daniel Simonyi

Head of CAM Legal & Relationship Manager

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