From keeping the information in your existing rights management system up-to-date, to assisting you with large and complex data migration projects.

Having up-to-date and structured rights management information is crucial in making strategic decisions and getting the most out of your entertainment assets.

Even the most sophisticated and costly rights management systems will not deliver on your expectations without a unified approach and up-to-date information. Valuable opportunities are missed because of this.

Can you dedicate enough capacity to manage and administer your rights, contracts, availability information and other library information?


We accumulated vast experience working with rights management and exploitation windows over the past two decades in the independent film industry. You can rely on our team of data management professionals to enter new or historical contractual information into your existing system. We are happy to support your business with the following tasks:

  • simple data entry
  • reviewing and interpreting agreements
  • optimizing your reports
  • cleaning up your existing data
  • migrating your data from one rights management system to another
  • operational testing and user acceptance testing, design of custom-made test cases based on your workflow
  • and more

Our team is set up to work with various leading rights management systems, including FilmTrack and MovieChainer, and we are always keen to learn new systems. We tailor our services to your specific needs and work together with your team to provide a smooth collaboration experience.


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Zoltán Árvay

Zoltán Árvay

Head of Data Management

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